• I’ve always loved using stability ball drills as part of my training. Using the CXT I’m able to more advanced drills and get really creative, great for making sure you always maintain pressure. The CXT forces you to move the right way and unlike your training partner it never gets tired!

    Jeff GloverMultiple Times ADCC CompetitorTop Ranked BJJ Competitor
  • The workout was challenging. You have to keep moving and control your balance. This guy moves all the time, which creates a realistic situation. You will be moving around while applying pressure and keeping balance.

    Rubens ‘Cobrinha’ CharlesADCC 2013 World ChampionMultiple Times BJJ World Champion
  • Too many people want to learn all the fancy stuff. It is important you develop the basic stuff first. The CXT is a great way to develop your basics, and build your game

    Marcos Nevel Black Belt under Royler Gracie Gracie Humaita Head Instructor