Watch a Beginner Use the CXT to Learn BJJ Faster (Video)

Martial arts are great confidence builders. What’s unfortunate is that superficially, martial arts look extremely intimidating – and the people who can benefit the most (those with low confidence) are often too intimidated to take a class. Combine this with the negative imagery created by the media, and a friendly roll on the mat will look like two people trying to rip each other’s arms off.

Unfortunately when you first start martial arts, the cards are stacked against you. Not only can it be intimidating, but you will probably be suck.

There are basic techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. These movements will be in your toolbox from whitebelt to blackbelt, from an amateur to a professional. Even the most complex and advanced techniques are a combination of these basic techniques.

This is the underlying concept behind the CXT System. We aren’t trying to practice the latest and greatest technique. Instead, we are working on mastering the fundamental movement patterns which are the building blocks of any technique and will accelerate your learning curve when you start MMA/BJJ.

Watch Tayfun (who has no prior experience in BJJ) work his way through Phase I of the CXT System prior to stepping on the mat and hear what he has to say:

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