When you are in training or competition, there are very few times when your opponent will be staying still. Instead, they will be trying to grab a single leg as you pop up to knee on belly or sweep you as you try and pass their guard. The CXT replicates this dynamic nature.

The CXT’s design creates an unstable surface. This means every movement you perform will need the correct weight distribution or the CXT will escape (just like your opponent). Not only will the CXT help in developing relentless pressure, but it also serves as a great Strength and Conditioning tool.

The multi-directional instability created by the CXT means there are more stabilizer muscles being activated. This means when your opponent is trying to disrupt your balance, your stabilizers can help cancel out these disturbances.

Aside from the benefits in muscle activation, the CXT will also offer you little time to rest. Whenever you aren’t putting weight on it, it will try and get away. It will not let you rest, and will definitely have your hear thumping after a five minute round.