Combat X Trainer


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 60cm (24in.) body
  • Weight: approx 5.00kg (11lbs.)
  • Material: PVC


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  • I travel 1.5 hours each way to training, this was a great supplement at home. Its a great drill tool to use between conditioning rounds. it's surprising how your transitions and sensitivity of top pressure improve subconsciously. I realised that it focus you to become creative as the ball constantly forces you to be imbalanced, just like a live roll.

    Review by Cain Posted on 6/17/14

  • Got this product last week, and I love it. Great quality material, easy to inflate and deflate for portability, and even came with a tote bag and 6-week workout program e-book.

    Review by Chuck G Posted on 5/31/14

  • Dig the product. What I liked more was there was an actual system that goes along with it and shows you how to perform techniques. Having lots of fun.

    Review by Michael A Posted on 4/18/14

  • This product is amazing for improving your transitional jiu jitsu, balance and pressure. I have had one for some time now and I use it as part of my circuit training, whilst I rehab injuries and to drill my movement. Ps online tutorials are excellent as well.

    Review by Sami Posted on 4/10/14

  • I was skeptical about this but I was trying to find some way to get my little brother more interested in bjj. I showed him some drills and I think it's working. Gives him a way to train without being concerned with "losing".

    Review by Guardsmasher Posted on 4/7/14