There are three stages when learning a new skill:

  1. Mental (Cognitive) Stage: The athlete attempts to understand the basic task. There is little awareness of whether the movement is performed wrong, and there are many errors
  2. Associative Stage: The athlete understands the fundamentals of the skill and is in the process of refining the skill. They understand what the most important components of the skill are, and how to perform the skill in different contexts
  3. The Autonomous Stage: the athlete can now perform the skill without focusing on execution. There are much fewer errors, and when they do take place, the athlete knows how to correct them.

Going through these three stages takes time. If you are only able to make BJJ/MMA three or four times per week, you don’t want to be wasting time in class going through these stages. Instead, you want to be in the autonomous stage and focus on executing the technique against a live opponent.

The CXT gives you the luxury of drilling techniques in your own time. Leave the first and second stages of learning at home, and already be in the autonomic stage when you enter the gym to maximize your training and accelerate your skill development.